general conditions of activity

  • Minors:
    Minors under 8 years of age and a height of less than 120 centimetres may not take part in the activity for safety reasons. Minors between the ages of 8 and 15 may accompany their parent/legal guardian on the activity after signing the corresponding authorisation, but under no circumstances may they drive the jet ski. Minors between 16 and 17 years of age may drive the jet ski as long as the parent/legal guardian signs the corresponding authorisation, providing the original or a photocopy of the signatory.
    Failure to provide the required authorisation will result in the cancellation of the activity, with no right to any refund or change of date/time.

  • DNI or Passport:
    Both the driver and passenger of the jet ski must provide ID or Passport.
    Failure to provide the required documentation will result in the cancellation of the activity, without the right to any refund or change of date/time.
  • Punctuality:
    To take part in the activity you must be at our facilities (consult our different locations at our Points of Sale) at the time set for the activity booked, and it is advisable to be there at least 20 minutes beforehand.
    Failure to arrive at the scheduled time will result in the cancellation of the activity, with no right to any refund or change of date/time.
  • How the activity is carried out:
    The route will depend on the favourable weather conditions and the level of driving of the pilots and companions during the activity. Should Altair Náutica S.L. have any unforeseen circumstances prior to the activity, the client will be offered the possible alternatives for the correct execution of the activity.
  • Accidents and breakdowns:
    In case of breakdown, collision, loss of material, the member/s of the activity must imperatively and immediately inform the instructor who will inform him/her of the instructions to follow. The loss of the activity, during the course of the activity, due to negligence on the part of the member/s of the activity, will in no way give rise to reimbursement, even partial, nor to compensation for any damage suffered by the latter.
  • Insurance:
    The jet ski will be insured, with the modality specified in the particular conditions and with the terms and limitations resulting in the policy, with Altair Náutica S.L. keeping the original of said policy. Altair Náutica S.L. shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the personal effects of the person(s) taking part in the activity. Altair Náutica S.L. has taken out the corresponding compulsory civil liability insurance.
  • Safety and navigation rules:
    The permitted sailing area will be the route specified in the activity contract document. It is forbidden to navigate in areas other than those indicated without the express authorisation of the instructor. Under no circumstances may the control of the jet ski be ceded to any person/s other than the person/s designated in the activity contract.
    1. Always sail in formation, following the instructor.
    2. Always keep a 50 m safety distance between motorbikes or any obstacle and never less than 200 m from the coast.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to put the bikes in parallel and/or overtake the bike in front.
    4. At stops, motorbikes must keep a distance of 25 m from each other to avoid collisions.
    5. It is forbidden to remove the lifejacket during the whole activity.
    6. The passenger must always hold on to the rider’s waist and accompany him/her in his/her movements to avoid injuries/falls.
    7. Girls and boys with long hair must always wear it tied back for safety.
    8. If someone needs to stop and cannot wait for the stop point, they will raise their hand until the monitor sees them and stop the route safely.
    9. It is forbidden to stop the bike “dry”, thus avoiding rear-end collisions, the rider will slow down until the instructor guides him/her.
    10. In case of observing a buoy or other floating object, never approach it, it could be a diver or the buoy or object could support a fishing gear, which could cause an accident with serious consequences.
  • Irresponsible behaviour:
    If during the course of the activity, the instructor witnesses any incident in the handling of the jet ski, or in view of the navigation he/she finds that the participant/s is/are not capable of handling the jet ski, he/she may demand the termination of the activity and return to the Marina Isla Canela base port for the sole purpose of safeguarding the safety of all members of the activity, implying the cancellation of the activity without the right to any refund or change of date/time.
  • Right of Admission:
    By virtue of the provisions of the General Police Regulations for public shows and recreational activities, it is forbidden to carry out the contracted activity to any person who is in a state of drunkenness, carries any object likely to cause harm to persons or things, carries or consumes any type of drug or psychotropic, lack of personal hygiene, troublemakers who provoke or incite non-compliance with the indicated rules.
    Failure to comply with the above will result in the cancellation of the activity, without the right to any refund or change of date/time.
  • Audiovisual material:
    In the event that the client has accepted the authorisation to carry out the graphic report during the activity, the audiovisual material obtained with the technical means of Altair Náutica S.L. and during the duration of the activity are the property of Altair Náutica S.L., being able to make promotional use of said material.
    In the event that you do not wish to make promotional use of said graphic material specific to your contracted activity, please notify us by e-mail to, indicating your details and your booking reference number.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    You can consult the Terms and Conditions at the following address: